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Low resource-consumption:

  • No additional library required

  • Supports "Single Instance Application" mode, launching another session of LilyTerm as another window of the original/parent LilyTerm

  • May drag and drop tabs between LilyTerm windows, or drag the tab on the root window for create a new LilyTerm window.
  • Every LilyTerm window may has it's own font / geometry / environments / settings.

Multi Tab:

  • Colorful and Reorderable tab bar.

  • Bold the current and actived tab.

  • Shows "Root privileges", "XTerm Title", "CmdLine", and "PWD" on the tab name.

  • Rename the tab name with <Ctrl><E>.

  • Ability to manipulate tabs with function keys (add, destroy, switch, move).

Color scheme

  • True transparency support (requires compositing enabled).

  • Support for background transparency and saturation.

  • Custom foreground/background colors.

  • Custom the color theme and the brightness of foreground text.

Other Interesting Features

  • Ability to change encoding environment for current or new tab on-the-fly (UTF-8 by default)
  • Hyperlink support.

  • Fullscreen support.

  • The text of terminal emulator will be dim when lost focus.

  • Confirm before running a -e option command.

  • Temporarily (or permanently via editing the profile) enable/disable function keys, hyperlinks, and the right-click menu

  • Custom the function keys.

  • User/system-profile support.

  • Extensive UTF-8 support.

  • Good geometry and window hint behavior.

  • gtk-alternative-button-order support.
  • The VTE_CJK_WIDTH is setted to 'narrow' by default.