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February 27th, 2013, version
Source Code, SHA1SUM: 1023778413015814cd14394f606d26dbce7600c2

Version, it is a hotfix version of

New Feature:
  • Also dim the foreground color when inactive.

  • The cursor_color settings doesn't work correctly.

    Very thanks to aeglos for reporting this bug.

  • The color of cursor should not been reset after changing the color of foreground color.

    Very thanks to aeglos and cmchao for reporting this bug.

  • Don't try to clean the environs when launching LilyTerm.

    Very thanks to captnfab for reporting this bug.

  • [Disable functions keys] didn't apply immediately.

  • Fix several possible memory leaks and segfault errors.

Older changes may visit here: ChangeLog